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FAQ's For Clinics

Why should I use Clinic Connect?

Clinic Connect offers Health Professionals a more efficient and convenient way for patients to book appointments. It’s the future in appointment scheduling. Patients can book an appointment that is convenient for them, whilst health professionals are able to control and maintain their timetable 24/7 through Clinic Connect.

Participating clinics and health professionals have 24/7 access to their own calendars to view bookings and make changes to their calendar(s). This can also be done offsite.

Prospective patients can search by Name of the clinic or professional, by Locality, by Profession or sub-specialty and by Date. See What is Clinic Connect for further information.

How reliable is the software?

Our booking software is powered by GObookings Systems and is protected by 256/128 bit SSL encryption. Clients who use GObookings software include the Australian government. We deter bogus bookings by allowing subscriber clinics to determine the maximum number of bookings that can be made per day or per session from any IP address.

What are the costs for me to use Clinic Connect?

See information under Pricing.

What is the protection against nuisance bookings and the process for booking cancellations?

When patients book through Clinic Connect they must give their email address and name. Other parameters can be set by you for extra security. You can for example require disclosure of patients’ mobile telephone numbers.

We also deter bogus bookings through additional security features. Users of Clinic Connect must comply and accept our Terms of Use when making a booking binding them legally for the responsibility of their scheduled appointments. We are also able to track IP Addresses when bookings are made.

Clinic Connect’s SMS or email confirmation process enables participating clinics and/or health professionals to change or cancel appointments via a timely and cost efficient process. Our system also sends an e-mail notification to the subscriber every time an appointment has been made or cancelled.

It’s also easy for patients to cancel and rebook, which helps to reduce the number of “no shows”.

What’s the compatibility with our Practice Management Software (PMS)?

Clinic Connect is synchronised with your practice appointment software. Our system automatically communicates with your current computerised appointment software ensuring you don’t need to do anything more to link our website to your existing system. Currently we’re compatible with Best Practice, Houston Medical, Clinic Director, HCN – Pracsoft, PPMP, MedTech, Monkey Software, Zedmed, Sunix, Genie Solutions, Network Logic and eClaims (ACSS). If you don’t have existing scheduling software, our system can act as your stand alone appointment system.