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FAQ's For Patients

Why should I use Clinic Connect?

Clinic Connect offers patients free 24/7 access to healthcare appointments. Patients can view online a health professional’s calendar, book an available appointment and also receive (at the clinic’s discretion) an email or SMS reminder.

Search by Name of the clinic or preferred practitioner, Locality, Profession or sub-specialty. These options allow users to be as specific as they want in trying to find and choose convenient appointments.

How safe are my personal details?

Our booking software is powered by GObookings Systems and is protected by 256/128 bit SSL encryption. Clients who use GObookings software include the Australian government. Information collected from your appointment booking is stored directly onto the practice’s system.

We only collect information for the purposes of identifying fraudulent appointment bookings, confirming bookings, or allowing clinics to contact you in case an appointment needs to be changed. Further information can be found on our Terms of Use page and Privacy Policy page.

What is to stop another individual booking the same appointment time as me?

There is no possibility of two individuals booking the same appointment time. The system operates in real time and will only register a booking with the first person to book.

How certain is it that the health professional will see me?

By booking your appointment through Clinic Connect your scheduled appointment is automatically synchronized to the practice management software. You will be sent a confirmation email or SMS containing your booking reference number. The clinic will also be sent an email confirming that a booking has been made. There is no chance of a double booking.

How will I know if the clinic has to cancel the appointment?

If your clinic needs to cancel an appointment they will make contact with you via email or telephone.

Why not just phone my clinic like I have done in the past?

Clinic Connect allows you to book a convenient appointment from amongst the available appointment times. You are able to search for and book appointments that suit your schedule. It’s convenient and free. You can now book your appointments 24 /7 regardless of whether the clinic is open or not when you decide to make the booking. There’s no more waiting to get through during busy times.

For further information phone 1300 266 517